Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello world. Hope I do this right.

Hello world. I don't have a clue as to what I am doing. But I am obstinate and belligerant, so the world is stuck with me; if you choose to view. I am an artist. I graduated with my BFA from AppState in Studio Art: Painting and Ceramics. That was December 2008. I am currently floundering to be perfectly honest. I keep making art and trying to find a job. I am failing. But I am more stubborn than an oxe, so well, this is where I am at. Blogging. Do not know what I am doing, but gonna do it anyways. I have decided to post a piece of art everyday. This gives me a goal; something to look forward to everyday I wake up. So Here I am and here I go. Most of this work will be drawings and sketches in oils and pastels, but sometimes there will be real ceramics and paintings. Hopefully this will keep me going and provide inspiration for the other pieces I am working on. I know it is not an oringinal idea: hell, that cooking chick ended up with a movie doing something similar. I do not care. I will do this. Here is my first  installment. It is a flower. No particular kind. Just made it up. But here it is.

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