Sunday, June 19, 2011

My art....

what is art? is it simply sketches and watercolors, bowls and vases? does it need to be anything more? Must art make a statement? must it have a concept? must it come in a carefully thought out series with carefully thought out statements? These questions plague me daily in the studio. What if I just have one piece, all unto it's own self; can I show just it? can i show several unrelated pieces? who made up these rules that I must follow in order to redeem myself as a professional artist?
I have not posted in quite awhile. I find myself falling into a creative funk of which I am having a hard time heaving myself out of. Where to go from here? which ideas to pursue, what styles to stick with? after all, I can't have it all now can I?
I have continued in my aimless, and admittedly, less passionate pursuit of artistic creation. I have many pieces, but know not what to do with them. I must unite my many thoughts and once again create a fire in my heart and mind's eye for what I do. I must let loose of the shackles of expectation and conformity and create, create, CREATE! once again with a holy fire do I wish to burn.
I will post art again and regularly. My determination and motivation come back after much languish.

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